Art to be Open

Visualizing institutional accessibility. Photo courtesy of Elaine Cheung.
Visualizing institutional accessibility. Photo courtesy of Elaine Cheung.
Art to be Open
Team Art to be Open
Disability Inclusion
Russia Map Graphic
Crowdsourcing accessibility of cultural spaces in Moscow

Art to be Open is a project consisting of an internet-based platform and mobile app with a database of all the inclusive programs and accessible locations throughout the city of Moscow. Highly interactive, the platform not only provides information on the accessibilty of cultural institutions, but users can also add their own experiences. The project includes an inclusive map, calendar of events, a consulting service, and the service "Each other." The team also created an installation with a model of Moscow and its top 30 museums, visualizing the data gathered on their accessibility.

Participating Artists 
  • Marina Tokareva
  • Nika Parkhomovskaya
  • Jana Cheklina
  • Olga Korshakova
  • Irina Khamdokhova

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