Babble Deck

Sharing the Babble Deck concept with exhibition-goers. Photo by Swanoop John.
Sharing the Babble Deck concept with exhibition-goers. Photo by Swanoop John.
Babble Deck
Team Backstage Crew
Gender Equality
Remixing gender perspectives with chess and circuitry

The Backstage Crew created a tool that would help them research and evaluate various positions on gender equality. They compiled audio bites from publicly accessible media and mapped them onto a chessboard, which was connected to a raspberry pi and a speaker. As players make moves on the board, snippets of audio from narratives and perspectives on gender equality would play; no two games would play stories in the same way. Combining playable media, interactive circuitry, and the age-old game of chess, this group hopes to build on their audio archive and forge multiple ways for interacting with this material.

Participating Artists 
  • Arun Varma
  • Vinayan Hari
  • Shreejit
  • Jitin John

The Backstage Crew are evaluating the possibility of incorporating a chess engine to potentially align the narrative of the storytelling with various game strategies. They intend to add more content around gender equality by conducting more interviews with women from all over the country, and have initiated and participated in a discussion at Hillhacks around consent at work and at home. Their plan is to publish content regularly.

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