American Arts Incubator — Egypt: Sharing our Stories of Water Sustainability

American Arts Incubator — Egypt: Sharing our Stories of Water Sustainability
Jan. 07, 2019
Group shot. Photo by Maged Makram.

The past few weeks have been spent in reflection on the American Arts Incubator workshops and project development in collaboration with ZERO1, the El Horreya Creativity Center and U.S. Consulate Alexandria. The final culmination of this unique project brought four interdisciplinary teams together for a final show in which we presented our work in the gallery spaces of the El Horreya Creativity Center.

These teams consisted of a broad spectrum of the Alexandria community, with individuals ranging from ages 19 to 60, and a broad spectrum of professional backgrounds, from students to professors to artists, engineers, and biologists.

These photos shot by lead artist Gene A. Felice II and official project documenter Maged Makram give a unique perspective on the duration of the various workshops and team collaborations that emerged throughout the four-week experience.

Photo by Maged Makram

"Another Face" at the Exhibition. Photo by Maged Makram.

Photo by Gene A. Felice II

The lead artist's project. Photo by Gene A. Felice II.

The incubator included a series of creative technology workshops exploring technology such as video projection mapping, microscopy, audio/video recording, and editing. We also explored project development and prototyping processes while sharing each others' experiences and vocabularies.

Photo by Maged Makram

Team project at the Exhibition. Photo by Maged Makram.

Our theme was water, with its myriad ways of connecting human beings to the environments that support us, while also being deeply affected by our actions. Through a variety of digital storytelling methods, we shared our stories of water and gained new knowledge and perspectives on the global scale of water-based environmental sustainability issues.

Photo by Maged Makram

An audience engaged. Photo by Maged Makram.
We are eternally grateful to all the hard working project participants, to the staff at the El Horreya Creativity Center, and to U.S. Consulate Alexandria and ZERO1 for making this cultural exchange program possible.