Bringing the Forests to Bophana

Screenshot of the road to Areng Forest, Cambodia in the project's 360 immersive website. Photo by Mech Sereyrath.
Screenshot of road to Areng Forest. Photo by Mech Sereyrath.
Bringing the Forests to Bophana
Team Forest and Wildlife
Environmental Health
Map of Cambodia
Connecting urban citizens to nature with VR

The Forest and Wildlife team travelled to three separate Cambodian forests to document them with 360 images and sounds. They built these into interactive VR experiences and a map-based application. The goal is to connect the residents of Phnom Penh, particularly youth, with the diverse biosphere that is at risk of destruction.

Participating Artists 
  • Prum Bandiddh
  • Khim Darath
  • Mech Sereyrath

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