The Vanished Nanhu Airport

Screen recording of The Vanished Nanhu Airport. Courtesy of the artists.
The Vanished Nanhu Airport
Team Three
Youth Empowerment
Map of China
Rendering runways and planes around an old flight control building

The Vanished Nanhu Airport focuses on the site of the former Wuhan Airport in Wuchang. Although the flight control building is still extant, it has been redeveloped as part of a sprawling housing development. The former runway is now a traffic-congested street artery which, through this project, has period planes taking off and landing on it again, at least virtually. 

Participating Artists 

Team members include Zheng Fugui 郑富贵, Deng Fugui, Cao Xiaoli 曹晓黎, Yao Leyue  姚乐月,  邓佩, Deng Pei, and  Liu Fan  刘凡.

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