Wuhan Dazhimen Railway Station

Screen recording of Wuhan Dazhimen Railway Station. Courtesy of the artists.
Wuhan Dazhimen Railway Station
Team Two
Youth Empowerment
Map of China
The station that shaped Wuhan’s image as a transportation hub

The original Wuhan Dazhimen Railway Station, a beautiful French style building from the 1920s, was once the most modern and important railway station in China and helped to shape Wuhan’s image as a transportation hub. The building stands abandoned today. This project is accessible from the street and acts as an AR museum of the building’s history.

Participating Artists 

Team members include Wu Jun 吴君, Yin Chuang 尹闯, Li Ziwei 李子威, Zhao Mengdi 赵梦迪, and with consultation by Chen Yong 陈勇.

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