The Living Map

the living map
The Living Map : Bridie Lonie, Luke Easterbrook, Beth Ferguson, Sara Dean
The Living Map
Bridie Lonie, Luke Easterbrook, Andrew Early
Climate Change
New Zealand
Adds three-dimensionality in modeling the effects of climate change

The Living Map adds three-dimensionality to the projections often used in modeling the effects of climate change. Historical, present, and future geological projections provide important data for resiliency planning regarding coastal sea level inundation. The digital map layers are from Surging Seas, the Dunedin City Council, the Otago Regional Council, and the National Library. This project was led by Bridie Lonie from the Dunedin School of Art along with Sara Dean and Beth Ferguson from the ZERO1 New Zealand Arts Incubator with the help of Luke Easterbrook from the University of Otago, the Otago Museum, and Workspace and Andrew Early at Otago Polytechnic.

Participating Artists 
  • Bridie Lonie

  • Luke Easterbrook 

  • Beth Ferguson 

  • Sara Dean 

  • Andrew Early

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