Empowerment Platforms

Empowerment Platforms
Melanesian Institute of Arts & Communication (MIAC) at the University of Papua New Guinea
Women's Empowerment
Papua New Guinea
Inspiring youth and paying tribute to female graduates through interactive installations

Students of the Melanesian Institute of Arts & Communication (MIAC) at the University of Papua New Guinea developed interactive installations that combine functional sculpture and social media. Each Empowerment Platform is a hand-crafted pedestal made of local materials that anyone can stand on, and each represents one of the five schools at the university. The Empowerment Platforms are located in well-traversed areas on campus and serve as both a gathering spot and a tribute to successful females graduating from the respective school of study at UPNG.

The pedestals were displayed for interactive use at the final exhibition, where visitors were invited to stand on each pedestal, take photos, and share via social media.

Participating Artists 

Anna Amos, Cynthia Colton, Susan Dalel, Peter Ella, David Epe, Venantius Gadd, Galel Gibson, Anderson Habiri, Jeffrey Harding, Bronia Iga, Nonoi C. Ignasius, Pax Jakupa, Kena Joe, Albert Joseph, Barleyde Katit, Rachel Kingal, Marlon Kuelinad, Sebastian Matuku, Damien Ningakun, Christie Sakis, Hensel Sawati, Tamare Silas, Aaron Talufa, Eugene Toudarosi, Senton Watai, Tina Wesley, Leonard Worr, Philemon Yalamu, Dylan Yaruso


The pedestals now live on the campus of the University of Papua New Guinea. They were used during their graduation ceremony for the students and families to celebrate the graduate’s achievements, and will remain on display for future inspiration, acknowledgment, and celebration.

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