YU YET Center

YU YET Center
YU YET Center
Women's Empowerment
Papua New Guinea
Facilitating empowerment and healing for young people through creative arts and yoga

YU YET Center is Allan Mogerema's holistic approach to community engagement and healing for youth, using traditional and contemporary art, yoga, dance, music, and theater in the Paga Hill neighborhood. According to the International State Crime Initiative at University of London, “one hundred police officers descended on the prominent Port Moresby landmark, Paga Hill, on May 12, 2012. Armed with assault rifles, machetes, and sticks, they had come to demolish one of the city’s oldest settlements. This forced eviction would make way for the Paga Hill Estate, an “exclusive” property development project.”

To raise awareness of the emotional trauma endured by the Paga Hill community and specifically its youth, Allan Mogerema and his team held an event at demolition site that incorporated movement and healing arts. An intergenerational and socioeconomically diverse audience attended this public unveiling of plans for the YU YET Center.

Participating Artists 

Allan Mogerema


Allan Mogerema was invited by the Governor of the National Capital District to submit a proposal for the project in an effort to house the community youth center in an existing municipal building. The Governor also invited 12 youth participating in Allan’s programming to accompany him to other provinces to perform as part of the Governor’s country-wide health initiatives. 

Additionally, Allan continues expanding interest and participation in his weekly youth programs. He also is integrating the art / yoga programs into the Bomana Juvenile Prison, and the Governor has included the participating juvenile prisoners in his youth rehabilitation initiative.

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