Philippines 2015

American Arts Incubator: The People's Island Workshop // Day 2
Final Performance by Binhi Art Collective
Felipe responds to insightful questions at press conferences at Negros Museum!
People's Island - Reaction Film: Andrelene Veloso, Emerie Tangarorang, Ira Solidum
Delivering an artist talk to an energetic and curious audience at Negros Museum
Kick-off of the Philippines Arts Incubator workshops
American Arts Incubator: The Philippines (Workshop // Session #1)
Imagining Environmental Health in Creative Bursts
Prototyping the People's Island
The People's Island: In the making...
Sculpture-making on Earth Day!
Test Launch of The People's Island Prototype
One More Day til The People's Island Launch!
Moving Masses and Moving Islands
Public Launch of The People's Island
Newspaper mentions AAI and Microgrant Recipient
Still Image from upcoming short film: The People's Island
Flyer Photo of the audience for Eco Resource Library by Elver Bannares
The Philippines
Environmental Health
Reimagining relationships to the environment

Felipe Castelblanco traveled to Bacolod, Philippines, where his workshop and public art projects created dialogue around the environmental conditions in Bacolod, a city that has recently experienced typhoons and earthquakes. His collaborative project, The People's Island, positioned the nearby ocean as an extension of the public realm for Bacolod’s community and served as an evolving platform for community-based art projects. Negros Museum hosted the program.

Community Projects 
Suyac Advocates
Delivering environmental educational materials and workshops via a water-mobile eco-resource library
Using participatory art and experiential pedagogy to teach community resilience and disaster management
Binhi Creatives
Revealing health issues in coastal communities through a music video and live performances
Institute for Negros Development
Collaborating with local ceramic artists to create hygienic kitchen facilities for rural schools