Hangin (Wind)

Hangin (Wind)
Binhi Creatives
Environmental Health
The Philippines
Revealing health issues in coastal communities through a music video and live performances

Hangin is a song written by Dina Hautea, who before her death at the age of 15, was a member of Binhi (Seeds) Creatives. Her cancer is believed to have been caused by contaminated water, which is especially dangerous for children, and a pervasive issue in a region frequently devastated by natural disasters. Dina’s song was her ode to mother nature, and to the abundance provided by and uncontrollable strength of the sea. The founders of Binhi Creatives produced Hangin, a hybrid music video and documentary, to expand upon the song and its timely messages.

Binhi Creatives is an arts program that provides youth from the underserved coastal community of Banago an outlet to learn art and music skills, collaborate, and express themselves through these creative outlets.

Participating Artists 

Edmund Bacia, Peter Fantinalgo


Members of Binhi Creatives continue Dina’s legacy while advocating for environmental health specific to Banago and other coastal communities of Negros Island. The group brought in a filmmaking expert who offered a “Guerilla Grassroots Filmmaking” workshop. Participants were empowered by what they learned, co-creating three music videos in just three days!

The Hangin video has been completed, and is being shown to key individuals and organizations interested in sustaining the project. A public premiere took place at the Negros Museum in Bacolod City, and an online blog was developed to share and document the experiences in-progress.

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