Session Room

Exhibition visitor viewing Session Room. Photo by Iuļiia Rubļevska.
Exhibition visitor viewing Session Room. Photo by Iuļiia Rubļevska.
Session Room
Team Meditator
Cultural Identity
Playing with public/private boundaries through immersive experiences

Session Room involves ASMR and Ukrainian identity, focusing on the lack of boundaries between public and private space. This project features a zoned, partially enclosed space in which the viewer can feel solitude and simultaneously experiment with various tactile and auditory elements including 3D video portraits of the artists and their voices.

Participating Artists 
  • Alina Borysova
  • Anna Kakhiani
  • Anna Korniets
  • Iryna Kostyshyna
  • Alyona Mamay
  • Anna Manankina
  • Oleksander Manukians
  • Hanna Shumska
  • Oleksiy Yalovega

The team had another exhibition showing in Kharkiv at the Municipal Gallery during The Long Night of Museums. This included intimate sessions with the audience and around 150-200 people were able to engage with the Session Room.

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