Trash is Not Bad!

A Hanuman sculpture triggers an AR image of the earth carried in his hand. Photo by Anula Shetty.
A Hanuman scupture triggers an augmented reality image. Photo by Anula Shetty.
Trash is Not Bad!
Team Plastic Commune
Environmental Health
Map of Cambodia
Shifting paradigms on how we view waste products

The Plastic Commune team built statues of the god Hanuman and the mermaid princess Suvannamaccha out of recycled plastic bottles and newspaper. Images on these sculptures trigger augmented reality 3D models of these miraculous modern materials we are able to create but then treat without respect. Hanuman saved the world once upon a time. Can we all join him in this current epic quest to rescue the earth?

They've also produced two videos, WHITE PAPER and THE FLOATING.

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Participating Artists 
  • Chum Mab
  • Chhit Vannat
  • Mok Sina
  • James Speck
  • Soin Vanda

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