Breaking Gender Barriers

Taking in the photos at AAI — India's exhibition. Photo by Swanoop John.
Taking in the photos at AAI — India's exhibition. Photo by Swanoop John.
Breaking Gender Barriers
Team Bindu
Gender Equality
Spotlighting female pioneers in traditionally male careers

Breaking Gender Barriers is an investigative collaboration by Team Bindu which documents women in careers that are traditionally held by men using photos, video, audio recordings and imprints of personal items. Focused on creating and experiencing conversations around the potential of women, this group will be documenting more female pioneers and developing curriculum to expose young women to new possibilities.

Participating Artists 
  • Ratheesh Sundaram
  • Fahema Ahmed
  • Sadia Arifin
  • Di Ball

The final phase of their work is to present a prototype kit to various schools in Kochi, and inspire schoolchildren aged 7-13. They have researched more stories and will be adding the following stories:

1.  Hijab body builder from Calicut
2.  Trans woman entrepreneur who set up a her own online jewelry store and a store in Kochi

3.  First female Indian mahout in Kalpathy in Palakkad District

4.  A Female Kalaripyattu instructor in Thrissur


With this completed kit they will be creating a series of conversations with gender equality activists and people from various walks of life, uploaded onto their blog:

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