Photo by: Niamh Walsh-Vorster

The project “A-Pall-Pit,” is a combination of pop culture art and poetry composed with metaphorical and symbolic features. The artwork is a response to the commercialization and the misuse of religion to abuse believers and stigmatize people living on the margins of society. It addresses the spiritual and physical cruelty that South Africa has been witnessing in the current state of fundamental churches. Using video interviews with women who have been sexually abused and gay men who have been attacked by religious leaders, the artistic scultpture comes to life through audio and augmented reality. The installation asks, “Is religion overdue?” It is intended to trigger a conversation that digs deeper into the foundations of religion and its role in society.

Community Project Members:

  • Fundiswa Noxolo Magwaza
  • Mlondi Ndlovu
  • Mlamuli Zulu
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