This project contemplates isolation and social distancing in a moment where many relationships are mediated through the screen by creating a virtual world. The surroundings and sounds in this world convey a feeling of solitude to the viewer, though it is actually a multiplayer experience where the visitor appears in the crowd of avatars. However, the avatars are a mix of humans and bots, and the player is unsure of which they are interacting with. The player can also move away from the crowd, where the avatars are chatting with each other. The surreal, pre-recorded dialogues create the impression of being inside an AI’s dream. Artificial intelligence and chat-bots such as Replika, Cleverbot, and Mitsuku were used to generate this dialogue.

Community Project Members:

  • Zhytnia Svitlana
  • Alex Sirous
  • Maria Mayor
  • Maria Bordiuh
  • Tania Kotenko
  • Olga Annenko
  • Denis Voloshin
  • Dmitriy Voitekh
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