It has been a few days since my arrival in Guatemala City. My memory of downtown is different. I remember it being a place of transit and noise. Now a few streets have become pedestrian streets. But the noise is still there!

So far the experience has been great. I’ve met in person the folks from ArteCentro, which is a cool space and a visionary organization. They promote new practices and help artists to create by providing working spaces and studios.

Fundacion Paiz

Fundacion Paiz studio spaces. Photo: Courtesy of Balam Soto

We started the project with an artist talk during which I got a big surprise: the Mayor of my town and the Cultural Affairs Office presented to me with official recognition for my work! I got the chance to meet a few participants from diverse backgrounds, from startups to visual artists. They expressed real interest in this kind of workshop and projects.

Diploma de Reconocimiento

Diploma de Reconocimiento. Photo: Courtesy of Balam Soto

It’s looking like we will have a really great 3 weeks to learn and share together. I hope to make this 3 weeks a space for an exchange of ideas and actions.

And finally, I had a few hours to see my Guatemala family, meet my new cousins, and just play like kids in my most favorite place on earth — El Cerro Alux.


El Cerro Alux. Photo: Courtesy of Balam Soto
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