Source: Bloomberg Media Group (“Amy Karle Visualizes Internal Experiences through Bioart – Brought to you by Hyundai,” posted on YouTube by Art and Technology, July 10, 2018)

In the seventh episode of our captivating series, ART + TECHNOLOGY, we explore the world of bioart with Amy Karle. This innovative American artist uses 3D art to discover what it means to be human, expressing internal experiences in visual forms. Questioning whether or not 3D art can become human, Amy puts forward a new renaissance in which humans can become whatever they wish to be, as technology empowers expression through new tools, and the requirements of art serve to push the technology. Join us as Amy creates 3D representations of our internal selves, so that we may study the mind and body and even learn to reprogram it. Art+Technology is brought to you by Bloomberg Media Studios and Hyundai.
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