Advocating for youth empowerment with a confidence-building booth

Youth Adolescent Health (YAH) Club is a group of young people advocating for health and social issues affecting teens and young adults in PNG. The Confidence-Builder Outfit Booth (C-BOB) invites young people to choose custom-designed articles of clothing intended to instigate dialogue around building confidence. Photography and social media extend the conversation to the virtual world.

At the final exhibition, youth and adults crowded around the C-BOB to get their picture taken amongst confident and empowered peers who stimulated the discussion.

Community Project Members:

Kila Arusa, Isaac Elijah, Jinty Frank, Christopher Gerald, Kisen Gerald, Kay Ila, Hannah Kambanei, Tobias Karl, Eschol Kila, Faith Kila, Janelle Kila, Bronwyn Kili, Emma Lageo, Michael Maila, Samuel Maila, Anthony Oala, Joshua Oala, Ezekiel Pergua, David Rupa, Josiah Sauna, Alex Tanabi, Naomi Woyengu

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