“David’s World” reflects the team’s research into fake news and conspiracies around COVID-19. They created a digital environment using Unity and Raymarching, as well as Magenta Studio, that reflects this type of worldview, visually representing the increasing degree of instability and insanity which grows in proportion with the spread, circulation, transformation, and multiplication of fake news. Inhabitants of this environment can talk to David, the conspiracy bot. However, as the user interacts more with David, the environment around them becomes stranger and stranger — and if the visitor stays inside long enough, they may find themselves in a space of total insanity.

Community Project Members:

  • Olha Fedorova
  • Alex Sirous 
  • Darya Levchenko
  • Yarema Ostrovsky
  • Pavel Blinokhvato
  • Yurii Tymoshenko
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