Civic icon map developed by students of Tahuna Normal Intermediate School

The Dunedin Youth Map is the creation of Karen Parker’s 7th grade class at the Tahuna Normal Intermediate School. Civic icons sourced from the group are associated with a community participatory map. The public is invited to interact using a combination of the icons, emoji, and eco icons from the Green Map System. Karen’s 7th grade class joined the Incubator through a day of balloon mapping to document their sports field, a site that is vulnerable to flooding due to saltwater inundation with sea levels rising on the coast of South Dunedin. The class plans to continue to develop the Dunedin Youth Map project throughout the year.

Community Project Members:

  • Karen Parker, leader, 7th grade teacher of the Tahuna Normal Intermediate School
  • Jen Smith 
  • 7th grade class of the Tahuna Normal Intermediate School
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