Photo by: Kayra Sercan Çanakçı

“Eleğimsağma” is an interactive installation based on a story written by Ömer Seyfettin in 1917. A young girl named Ayşe isn’t allowed to play with boys outside and is forced to cover her head in public. She believes that if she passes under a rainbow, she will be transformed into a boy and be free. Using gesture recognition software and a game engine, the player embodies Ayşe and controls her movements in real time with generative visuals and sounds. Visuals inspired by this story encourage the participant to empathize with Ayşe’s character.

Community Project Members:

  • Ahmet Rustem Ekici
  • Batu Ozpazarbasi
  • Berk Kır
  • Burak Topcakil
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