Photo by: Kayra Sercan Çanakçı

“Escape Yourself” is an escape room that makes participants face the conditions that lead to domestic violence against women. The player is positioned as a bystander who hears the sounds of struggle coming from Room 502, and makes the decision to intervene. However, the door leading to the struggling woman is locked, so the player must explore the main living area for clues to understand what happened before the murder/suicide and make sense of the psychopathology of the perpetrator. Real world objects serve as clues that trigger augmented reality overlays, which tell the narrative. Through these fragments, the participant slowly unravels what led to the woman falling out of a 20th floor window. The story is based on real news clippings and invites the player to explore the consequences of domestic violence.

Community Project Members:

  • Beril Çalışır
  • Ece Yıldırım
  • Emel Ülüş
  • Gökçen Göksel
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