“Selling” fresh air, sounds of silence, and livestock bones to address pollution in the city

Everything for Sale, Art for Sale is a hybrid of an interactive art installation and mobile cart that “sells” three items throughout Ulaanbaatar — fresh air collected from the countryside and packaged in plastic bags, the sound of silence provided on CDs, and livestock bones. Each product addresses a different type of pollution in the city, and aims to spotlight the inequality of pollution’s impacts on ger districts and other lower income communities. To launch, the cart was placed at one of Ulaanbataar’s most famous black markets: Narantuul Market. As the project gained momentum, the artists designed print materials to promote the “store” and engage the public in dialogue about different types of pollution.

Community Project Members:

Bolortuvshin Jargalsaikhan, Munkkh Bolor, Davaajargal Tsaschikher

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