Since time immemorial, tribes have gathered around the fireplace for food, comfort, and social interaction. It is around these fireplaces that instruments have been found dating back as far as 30,000 years. This provides evidence that music has been a central point of unity in all cultures.

This team has chosen to name the experience Harmony, not only because it means the combination of simultaneous musical notes to produce a pleasing effect, but because it is also the state of being in agreement or concord.

In this virtual space, you are freed from the barriers of language, politics, religion, and other everyday life situations. You enter a room where a beacon of harmonic unity, placed in the center emulating a fireplace, will welcome you to a space of musical interactivity. As you wander through the space, you will hear music that has been placed by other members of the community. You will be able to bring your own music into the space and place it in any available spot, just as if you were approaching a campfire and searching for a place amongst equals. The music will grow organically from brief musical fragments into a versatile network of sounds.

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About the Project Experience

Harmony invites you to create intimate experiences with complete strangers. It fosters a unique, inclusive atmosphere, reframing concepts around co-creation and collaboration. Participating in a jam session can be quite intimidating at times, as there is pressure to perform, and it requires a coordinated group of people as well as advanced musical skills. The originality of Harmony lies in connecting with others purely through music and trust, regardless of their background. 

There are different 3D environments you can enter; every room is synchronized to a specific beat. At the start, you select the speed you want and enter a virtual sound space with a custom avatar. While you move around, harmonic sounds appear and disappear. After discovering a spot that inspires you and you feel comfortable in, you are welcome to join Harmony’s co-creation process by adding sounds, beats, or simply a recording of your own voice.

Community Project Members:

  • Clara Roth
  • Robbie Ierubino
  • Peter Sauledo
  • Maria Kallionpää
  • Kathi Schulz
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