Photo by Videocom Pachuca.

Mexico is a diverse country that has approximately 62 ethnic groups and in 2012, the indigenous population was greater than 15 million nationwide. Unfortunately, over time different cultures have been disappearing due to several factors: invasion, globalization, repression, discrimination, and migration.

That is why project Identidad MX aims to promote the cultures of Mexico through a multimedia magazine that utilizes Augmented Reality. The project consists of designing a magazine through which the reader can use AR technology to see digital content such as video and audio that allows Mexico’s cultural assets to be shared. The first issue addresses Hidalgo’s cultural uniqueness.

Community Project Members:

  • Yennifer Odalys Serrano Figueroa
  • Aldo Sánchez Carranza
  • Rosario Pedraza Hernández
  • Eva Basilio González
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