A curiosity-sparking speculative island capturing the diversity of Ukrainian identity

Island Ї is a speculative floating artificial island on the Dnipro River. It is an open university and a scientific laboratory — a platform for artistic and scientific projects. Island Ї is a rhizome of diverse ideas, styles, and decisions that represent the diversity of Ukrainian identity. It combines harmoniously what seems like an insoluble contradiction: an academy of sciences, an erotic education center, self-regulating sails, and architecture with biomimetic forms achieved through futuristic technology of adaptive and regenerative growth.

Island Ї moves freely along all the rivers of Ukraine, to all the cities and remote towns and villages, influencing people and changing society through forms of nonlinear and horizontal interaction.

Community Project Members:

  • Katerina Shyman
  • Anastasiya Loyko
  • Yaroslav Kostenko
  • Aleksander Krolikowski
  • Aleksandra Krolikowska
  • Yuri Yefanov
  • Mykhailo Rozanov
  • Olena Klochko
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