Photo by Videocom Pachuca.

The Living Attires Project consists of fashionable clothing and accessories designed with elements of Hidalgo’s natural and material heritage. With a focus on the regions of Valle del Mezquital and Comarca Minera Hidalguense, this group was inspired by endangered plants and animals, traditional embroidery, and the mining industry. Living Jewelry contains tissues based on local cacti varieties and Otomi embroidery patterns. Clothing produced for the Cartographic Wear line utilizes electronic circuits to represent the cartography of local mining districts and how the industry interacts with the natural environment. These designs were implemented using 3D printing, laser cutting, biotextiles, and soft-circuitry.

Community Project Members:

  • Marisol Zarate García
  • Nicolás Cruz Martínez
  • Melissa Callejas Quijada
  • Daniela Armendariz Mendieta
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