Women making tech

Women making technology. Photo: Balam Soto

Fun times are still rolling here in Guatemala! After a week of soldering, programming, and LEDs, the participants have split into four groups to work on their own projects. I must say how impressive these four groups are. They each have a realistic perspective on their project and an authentic dedication. The majority of these participants are taking several hours a day from work or family matters to work on their projects. All four groups have a clear understanding of the value of research, marketing, outreach, and partnership.

Guatemalans are entrepreneurs at heart. Many believe that the answer to high unemployment is small business enterprise. Every day, everywhere you go, you see small businesses selling goods or services. Even when you take a bus ride, entrepreneurs will board the bus to sell everything from a single candy to cell phone accessories. This is how millions of Guatemalans make a living or supplement their income.

The four Guatemalan community project groups are:


This group is developing and researching the educational component of the makerspace the participants will create. They will develop curriculum for workshops based on research of urban under-served populations.

Website Opensource Common Knowledge

This group will create a website. It will include tutorials in a DIY interactive format, general info on the makerspace, and will support the education team by hosting the educational content they develop. It will make that content available to the community worldwide as an open source education tool.


This team will develop a mobile makerspace based on their research of urban under-served populations, combined with the research and feedback of the education team. They are working hand in hand with other groups. They will design everything from the mobile makerspace unit itself to the tools it will house.

Outreach and Sustainability

This team is working to develop events, promote workshops, and develop social media outreach and economic equity awareness content. Among other tasks are branding, partnerships, and fundraising.

All the teams have a diverse membership of community leaders, students, workers, working mothers, artists, and entrepreneurs, yet they all understand and value the tools of the business world. This group strongly believes that economic equity can be promoted with business tools.

small business

A local small business. Photo: Balam Soto
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