Preserving and sharing traditional knowledge

The members of UMAMA Collective are representative of the diverse Kichwa, Mestizo, and Afro-Ecuadorian populations in Imbabura province. Their aim is to investigate, recuperate, and preserve the knowledge of female elders, especially the properties and uses of medicinal plants as well as how various fruits are used to garnish traditional local foods. During the Incubator, they prototyped an AR Spanish and Kichwa language book on medicinal plants.

Community Project Members:

  • María Méndez
  • Herminia Fredezulinda Hernández
  • Sonia Méndez
  • Ricardo Meneses
  • Melany Anahi León Mendez
  • Kelly Torres Carcelén
  • Fabián Caiza
  • Diana Caiza
  • Nuwa Flores
  • Yari Flores
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