Photo by: Niamh Walsh-Vorster

The story of “Nomvula” is based on an Afro-futuristic mythology — she comes to those in times of need in order to enable them to find solutions from within themselves. “Nomvula” is an augmented reality comic book with a strong South African female protagonist who has HIV/AIDS. The inception of the story developed from addressing overpopulation in urban areas, lack of employment opportunities and the aggressive abuse of substances due to various circumstances.  The team envisioned the narrative as a means of creating motivation and engagement within communities by encouraging a self-sustaining community and environment for all. Besides presenting the comic book at the gallery, the team showcased it at the Cape Town FanCon and are now developing a longer version of the comic book. Through augmented reality, the comic book comes to life and allows users to experience South African stories by those addressing these problems in their community.

Community Project Members:

  • Jessica Michelle Le Roux
  • Portia Ncwane
  • Saaiqa Ebrahim
  • Nkululeko Reginald Sedibe
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