Creating interactive art and social environments in the ger districts

According to the artists, ger districts have a reputation from apartment dwellers and city planning officials as “dirty” or “unmaintained” places. In an effort to expose both the challenges and charms of life in these informal settlements, Our Streets are Our Home is a site-specific event that welcomes all types of people to experience a ger district firsthand. Curtains were hung with brightly-colored houses painted on them, and wire sculptures of gers hung from utility poles, creating an environment for interactive art, services, and socializing. A wi-fi station, hairdressing, mural painting, children’s activities, and complimentary tea all served to connect people and enhance a sense of neighborhood. Local residents mingled with visitors, some who never had set foot in a ger district, to enhance understanding amongst all attendees.

At the Arts Incubator final exhibition in UlaanBataar, Our Streets are Our Home brought the atmosphere of the ger districts to the center of the city. A set of gates was lined with curtains that typically line the inside of a ger, transforming a public space into a “home” for dialogue.

Community Project Members:

Renchinochir Chinzorig, Tsend Bilguun, Ganbold Gawaa Lundaa, Tserenpil Tserendorj

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