Using participatory art and experiential pedagogy to teach community resilience and disaster management

Balayan, a team of environmentalists from La Salle University, brings together youth, local government, and a local environmental organization, Balaring Mangrove Planters Association. This project addresses a variety of marine health topics from mangrove reforestation and clean energy to natural disasters and communal strength to rebuild.

Planting Resilience is an interactive performance and workshop series that builds and engages community around environmental health issues most relevant to each target community. Working with elements of performance, storytelling, and dance, participants are guided to co-develop skits inspired by the educational material presented. Aside from expressing their personal experiences of natural disasters, participants are given training toolkits teaching them how to respond to the four most common natural disasters in the Philippines: flood, earthquake, fire, and typhoons. Other workshops in the series focus on disaster risk and reduction management (DRRM) terminology, hazard mapping, and co-created disaster planning approaches and recommendations.

Community Project Members:

Jhun Ivor Jimera, Minmin Ponteras

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