Public installations reminding passersby of our collective existence

This team set up their project at different bridges throughout Medellín, which they targeted as symbols of transit but also as symbols of advancing to different states of consciousness. They set up a modular installation which combined different inputs such as ambient noises and vital sounds from the body: heart rate, breathing, swallowing, etc. to create new sounds and environments. These transmissions passed through an interface which the user manipulated according to their choice, riffing off the idea of “peace” as a personal decision. They aimed to create an opportunity that took people out of their regular routines to reflect on the presence of and connection with others in their daily lives.

Community Project Members:

  • Alannath Ocampo
  • Tessa Nerys Hays-Nordin
  • Alejandra Cárdenas
  • Cristian Pino
  • Luis Guillermo Palacios
  • Jorge William Agudelo
  • José Miguel Restrepo
  • Daniel Martínez
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