Exhibition visitors viewing Spidertopia. Photo by Iuļiia Rubļevska.
Exhibition visitors viewing Spidertopia. Photo by Iuļiia Rubļevska.
Team Spider
Cultural Identity
Exploring the Ukrainian spirit through "pavuk"

Spidertopia explores a theoretical renaissance of Ukrainian identity free from territorial invasions. Using the language of traditional “pavuk" or "spiders,” module-like elements of Ukrainian home decor which pre-dates Christianity, the project applies it to a utopian world. But within that high-tech world, we notice something strange… Spidertopia highlights a peculiar Ukrainian attitude on the verge of comedy, tragedy, and irony that has seemed to persist. It is an exercise in self-observation: times are changing, but do we change with them?

Participating Artists 
  • Ivanka Borodina
  • Bogdan Seredyak
  • Olga Vashchevska
  • Olga Synyakevych
  • Maria Proshkovska
  • Serhii Nizhynskii

The team is working on transferring the traditional Ukrainian pavuk (or pavuchky) design onto a series of landscapes of Ukraine in collaboration with a photographer Andriiy Lobov, who took a series of photographs in Crimea in the year 2013, just before Russian occupation. The pavuk is a symbol of protection, and has additional symbolic and mythological meanings.

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