Eco-education campaign using community garments

This participatory art project was created in collaboration with members of the Ladprao community. They conducted two interconnected workshops during the project development period. For the first one, they collected data through a t-shirt exchange where community members dipped their shirts into local canal water. They then printed a map with data collected from the t-shirts. For the second workshop, they worked with children from the community to draw their stories of river life and health. Finally, they designed “healthy ingredients” onto a “River Detox” logo, which they printed on new t-shirts and gifted to all community workshop participants.

Community Project Members:

  • Evgeniia Sidorova
  • Sirikoy Chutataweesawas
  • Chawanan Inkumnoi 
  • Pakkinan Weladee
  • Anastasiia Romanova
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