Improving mobility conditions for wheelchair users

This project is united by the common thread of giving freedom to people who use wheelchairs to travel, both out of necessity and for leisure, and equip them with modern and online services. The project has two main objectives — 1. to create and adapt existing mechanical, electronic, and digital tools to provide wheelchair users with more comfortable conditions and 2. to create awareness by publishing photo reports of travelers, drawing attention to problematic perceptions of people with disabilities. They created prototypes for a backpack with storage for photographic equipment, a wheelchair-compatible rain poncho, and an application to connect museum-goers with people in wheelchairs to help guide them.

Community Project Members:

  • Yulia Martuganova
  • Ruslan Kurbanov
  • Polina Shilkinite
  • Anna Kuptsova
  • Anastasia Osankina
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