Investigating local water pollution and the Dnipro blossoming phenomenon through diverse media

The Waters Come Into My Soul examines water pollution in Ukraine, particularly along the Dnipro River. The industrial run-off and overabundance of phosphorus, nitrogen, and phosphates causes active reproduction of cyanobacteria that spurs the “Dnipro blossoming” phenomenon, which negatively affects the flora and fauna of the river as well as the physical and psychological state of the people living nearby. The group investigated this phenomenon through digital textile prints, algorithmic video, projection, 3D prints, microscopy video, and sound.

Community Project Members:

  • Irеn Proskurina
  • Olga Tereshchenko
  • Alla Sorochan
  • Julia Beliaeva
  • Umka Estebanovna
  • Bogdan Moroz
  • Oksana Chepelyk
  • Anna Prokopets
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