Using geolocation to track distance, changing lifestyles, and fading traditions

To the Origin brings a nomadic exhibition from the city to the countryside, using geolocation to mark points along the journey. Confronting ideas of distance, changing traditions, and evolving lifestyles, the project includes installation and performance techniques. The artists lived in a ger (similar to a yurt) alongside a rural herding family while documenting the daily lives of rural herders and capturing the physical gestures involved (e.g., milking cows, shoveling dung). They showed footage of city dwellers’ rituals and gestures to nomadic families via screenings inside a customized ger.

Upon return to the city, the artists held several performances and screenings inside the sculptural ger to showcase the documentation from the countryside and juxtapose it against life in the city. In the artist’s words, “If you can understand this performance, you can probably understand most things about nomadic life.”

Community Project Members:

Togmidshiirev Enkhbold, Mandukhai Bldn

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