Photo by Videocom Pachuca.

Virtual Memory of Mexico is a transmedia project developed using digitalization, 3D printing, and linking printed objects to 360° videos to disseminate the material and immaterial cultural heritage of Mexico, including the natural treasures of Hidalgo.

Audience members can choose a printed object that represents Hidalgo’s heritage, such as the Tula Pyramid, a mask of San Bartolo Tutotepec, or a basaltic prism from the Geopark Comarca Minera. Once placed on a sensor, relevant 360° videos are triggered on each topic. Digitizing cultural artifacts plays a key role in advancing technology’s role in education.

Community Project Members:

  • Diana Sol Guzmán Pérez
  • Miguel Israel Olvera Zamitiz
  • Alejandro Mendoza Gamiño
  • Eloy Monter Hernández
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