Photo by: Niamh Walsh-Vorster

South Africa grapples with the challenges of climate change in communities, while the world experiences the stresses of water insecurity. The “Water Line” project brings together multiple narratives interconnecting the various facets of a precious natural resource, taking us back to that first raindrop on a parched land after the gathering of clouds. There are four interleading panels from a single drop which extend to the artists’ interpretation through each panel. Through each artwork, the team addresses complex issues from water scarcity to environmental refugees. Each panel adds a digital layer with more content and delves deeper into stories and interviews on users’ smart devices, through augmented reality. If environmental advocacy for sustainable living and collaborative planning is not realized, commercialization and abuse threaten our planet and communities.

Community Project Members:

  • Dexter Sagar
  • Justin Yarrow
  • Mikhail Peppas
  • Sanabelle Ebrahim
  • Fiona Khan
  • Mandsi Heshu
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