After completing and presenting their initial research and another ideation session, participants formed project groups — some related to the previous research, some new.

The groups are collecting, creating, designing, iterating, revamping, and installing their projects with excitement and enthusiasm. I am continuously impressed with how brave they are in choosing strategies for engaging people in public spaces, representing their ideas, speaking candidly about their concerns, and embarking on learning new technologies in the process!

Our space at L’Uzine has become an epicenter of exploration as each group returns and shares new cultural and technological discoveries.

Project notes and sketches by Loubna El Ghallab, Abdelilah Azergui, and Youssef Zaoui. Photo by (L) Dasha Ortenberg and (C,R) Nadir Houboub.

After a survey introduction to new media techniques, individual participants have chosen different technologies to focus on as they develop group projects. With the help of FabLab Casablanca, they are using media such as laser cutting and Arduino sensor kits to build dynamic exhibits and online maps to include complex and thorough sets of information.

Le Littoral | Amine, Loubna, Taha

Revealing the institutional knowledge within a coastal bidonville through mapping the memory, knowledge, and skills of the community. Photos by (L) Dasha Ortenberg and (C,R) Nadir Houboub.
Hybrid Gastronomies | Abdelkarim, Sabrine, Abdelilah, Hicham

Addressing challenges of diversity and immigration by comparing ingredients in Moroccan and sub-Saharan cuisine and proposing a fusion dish. Photos by Dasha Ortenberg.

To Art or Not to Art | Jalila

Investigating challenges faced by performers in public spaces at the Place Nations Unis. Photos by (L) Dasha Ortenberg and (C,R) Jalila El Achaari.

ReZero4izer le Zero4 | Youssef and Yasser

Letting a neighborhood’s creativity shine despite its negative reputation using mapping and a valise of samples. Photos by (L) Dasha Ortenberg and (R) Nadir Houboub.
Even as these projects are in progress, there is so much excitement and support here at L’Uzine to find and provide tools and help participants realize their work! The energy is palpable and the potential is boundless. I can’t wait to see what comes of these concepts, which are so beautiful both in their aesthetics and in their social innovation!
Hard at work. Photo by Dasha Ortenberg.
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