Sound equipment

Working with audio electronics. Photo: Nathan Ober

custom contact mic

Custom contact mic. Photo: Nathan Ober

We’ve just wrapped up days 1 and 2 of the workshop series! This group is eager to learn and I can’t wait to see what they create together in following weeks. Here are two videos from our first two workshops:

Day 1: Listen / Escucha 

We came together for the first time as a group. Kate Spacek and I led discussions around sounds and how they influence our day to day lives while informing and shaping the world around us. We then sent the participants on a field recording scavenger hunt. They were arranged into four groups and had 30 minutes to find the following list of sounds:

☐ Sonido feliz (Happy Sound)
☐ Sonido triste  (Sad Sound)
☐ Sonido enojado (Angry Sound)
☐ Sonido tranquilo (Peaceful sound)
☐ Melodía (Melody)
☐ Ruido (Noise)
☐ Sonido de la naturaleza (Sound of nature)
☐ Sonido de la tecnología (Sound of technology)
☐ Un eco (an echo)
☐ Agua (water)
☐ Aire (air)
☐ Ritmo (rhythm)
☐ Movimiento (motion)
☐ Silencio (silence)
☐ Empatía (empathy)

Day 2: Perceiving Vibrations / Building Custom Contact Microphones

A continuation of day 1 working with sound. We learned how to solder our own contact microphones and experimented with recording the vibrations of various objects, surfaces and resonant spaces. It was a hands on day and everyone made some sound!

Stay tuned for days 3-5!

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