New Zealand

Fox Glacier
Fox Glacier. Photo by Mike Brown.
New Zealand
Climate Change
Fieldwork: Climate Change & the South Island

In July 2016, Sara Dean and Beth Ferguson traveled to the city of Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand, where they were hosted by the Otago Museum. Through community workshops, public events, and individual research, they explored connections between design and science using new media techniques and experimentation. Collaborating with designers, scientists, students and citizens, the exchange culminated in a group exhibition that explored New Zealand’s rapidly changing climate and its relationship with the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. Information about the project can also be found at

Community Projects 
Bridie Lonie, Luke Easterbrook, Andrew Early
Adds three-dimensionality in modeling the effects of climate change
Karen Parker, Jen Smith, 7th grade class of the Tahuna Normal Intermediate School
Civic icon map developed by students of Tahuna Normal Intermediate School
Amy Smith, Katherina Marino, Rebecca John
A Geological and Paleontological look at New Zealand
Emma Hanisch, Conor Feehly, Ravitesh Ratnam, Colin Smillie
Dunedin’s Dark Skies Initiative